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We believe you will find the quality of the Paragliding experience from Himalayan Sky Adventure beyond satisfactory, and we invite you to contact us to discuss about your next adrenaline rush adventure.

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The experience of leaving the ground with just the support of a paraglider and the wind is a wonderful moment which cannot be explained in words and needs to be experienced firsthand. It is pretty awesome flying above leaving everything below.

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Mukhiya Ghale

Mukhiya Ghale

Had a great flight thanks to our pilots they were very professional and the service was awesome.
Dinesh Khadka

Dinesh Khadka

Service was fantastic, the pilot was friendly and the ride was breathtaking. Will recommend!!

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Paragliding at sarangkot

Our company is run by professional pilots. We offer ultimate thrill in the himalayan sky for paragliding. Safety is our main priority and a lifetime experience for our clients.